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  • slaughterhouse

    Sia "Biomeat" provides cattle and sheep slaughter process according to the welfare and HACCP requirements. The slaughter process are used modern equipment and professionalworkers.If is performed HALAL or Kosher slaughter, do it specially tra...

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  • meat realization

    meat realization

    We offer Europe farmed fresh beef, veal, sheep meat, beef and sheep offal - tongues, livers, hearts u.tml.Proffesional meat deboners meat distributed according to your wishes.Possible vacuum packing and frozen product marketing.   We provide full t...

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  • purchase of livestock

    purchase of livestock

    Sia "Biomeat" performs cattle buying agreement with the livestock owners for the best price and the best payment terms.We make deal and delivers on its promises, and take payment in accordance with the cattle owners promised. We want to cat...

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